Voids in the City | Galata Greek School


Perplekcity is asked to make a contribution to a two-phased workshop by the NAI and Galata Greek School Foundation to put forward concepts, designs and management proposals for the reuse of the Galata Greek School.

Dimensions of reuse

This project explores the transformation of a vacant building in the heart of Istanbul. The Galata Greek School provides a perfect case, representing important characteristics of Istanbul, historically, aesthetically and architecturally. The work will result in scenarios consisting the various dimensions of reuse, such as the cultural, social and economical. It can therefore be seen as a case study in creating models for the reuse and transformation, taking into account the layers of the contemporary city.

– O+A strategies and architecture, Amsterdam
   Auguste van Oppen and Marc van Asseldonk
– Dafni Mimarlik Yapi ve Tasarim, Istanbul, Defne Sozbir
– Studio Iris Schutten, The Hague, Iris Schutten
– ABOUTBLANK, Istanbul, Ozan Ozdilek
   with Beyza Derbentogullari and Ipek Baycan Glaister
– Doepel Strijkers Architects, Rotterdam
   Duzan Doepel and Eline Strijkers
– ArkiZON, Istanbul
   Emin Balkis and Volkan Taskin
– Group A, Rotterdam,  Adam Visser
– Eva de Klerk, Amsterdam
– ZU Mimarlik, Istanbul, Zehra Ucar
– Perplekcity, Rotterdam
   Pieter Kuster and Emine Yilmazgil