Tourist Information Istanbul

Sense of the city

In 2012 the Netherlands and Turkey are celebrating 400 years of diplomatic relations. The manifestation Tourist Information is about the image of the city, the (re)presentation of Istanbul and Rotterdam. Photographers explore the known and less known places that explains the urban development of both cities. By the manifestation Tourist Information, both cities are presented in a new way, through the eyes of artists and with the works of architects. They are literally put on the map in another city, where the photographers and architects are challenged to present an image of the city, responding to existing campaigns with personal and artistic reflections. The artists present their view to create a new and alternative ‘campaign’, exploring the sense of the city with their own means.

Fictitious centre

In Rotterdam a temporary tourist information centre for Istanbul is created. Photographers Kim Bouvy and Hans Wilschut offer their vision of the highly populated city of Istanbul. The enormous changes that have swept through Istanbul are also visible in its urban planning. For Tourist Information Istanbul, they visited both the city’s famous and lesser-known locations, like the modernistic city hall and the residential area Bosporus City. The Istanbul bureau SO? Architecture & ideas has devised a unique presentation with the work of the photographers and designers. Tourist Information temporarily became the fictitious centre of a city in another city.