AFFR 2013 | Time Machine


In collaboration with AIR (Architecture Center Rotterdam) and AFFR (Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam), Perplekcity programmed a journey through time – fifty years of Rotterdam. During the bus tour, footage from promotional films, tv series, documentaries and news reports are interspersed with reality. Rotterdam, as a city that has inspired film makers, is shown in character of an era and compared with the contemporary city. “Widely-known” locations take on a new aspect.

Personal views, fiction and interviews present a varied picture of Rotterdam. The film images of Rotterdam also portray post-war optimism, but also the decline of the city and the renewed focus on an “ideal” society. The tour presents a varied picture of the representation of Rotterdam, alternating between the poetic and tragic and the realistic and humoristic. By simultaneously focusing on the present, the time travellers see how Rotterdam is continuously changing.


Fragments from the Time Machine Tour