2nd Istanbul Design Biennial / Film Program

Imagine the future … now. That’s how the written manifestos of the 20th century sounded aloud. Yet the future is always present if you listen carefully. While some were talking about the future, others were already there. In their future, just by creating it themselves. 

The film program of 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial shows different approaches to living in the future. Living in the future by doing it yourself. Collectively, by building a community or creating a movement (Auto*mat) and personally, by following their own dreams (The Man Who Prints Houses) and means of expressions (Rosas Danst Rosas). Sometimes clearly defined, sometimes almost accidental. Resulting in a wide range of ideas that influence almost every aspect our daily life in a new and altering manner. Like our houses, streets, malls and cities.

The film program during the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial was curated by Perplekcity.

Not included in the program, but a not to be missed is a BBC 4 documentary; Synth Brittania.