Short Talks Long Drinks #2


Short Talks Long Drinks #2* was about…
Which projects was OMA working on, back in 1985? And how were the urban and political conditions during the realisation of the first projects in Rotterdam?
Short Talks Long Drinks #2 presented the screening of ‘O.M.A. Rem Koolhaas’, directed by Jef Cornelis, followed by a short talk with special guest, Joop Linthorst.

A documentary about a young and eager architect, who created several proposals for projects in the Netherlands, yet none realised. And a former alderman, who played a major role in the cultural climate of Rotterdam in the 80’s and the client of the first private house designed by Koolhaas.

Short Talks Long Drinks #2 and #3, OMI and POST–OFFICE are presenting a diptych about the work of OMA.

* ‘Short Talks Long Drinks’ is the title of the gatherings that are held occasionally at OMI.
Each edition features either a guest speaker, a presentation or a film screening that highlights the ongoing theme at OMI.
… all accompanied by ‘long drinks’ and music on vinyl.